Jul. 14th, 2011

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Today is kind of like my Friday because I don't teach on Fridays. Sooooo looking forward to sleeping in at least a little tomorrow. Did not get to do that last weekend, what with the ritual design workshops and all.

I forgot to write about the frustration I had with my bank last Friday. I was out buying food and beverages for the art opening when my debit card was declined at the grocery store. I attempted to have them put it through as a charge and it was declined again. Puzzled, I went to the ATM machine and was told I could not access my account. I called the bank. Apparently, someone had tried to put a fraudulent charge through on my card and they had cancelled it all together. They also told me they had attempted to call me to tell me this, but I have no record of that call. VERY annoyed. They let me use the card long enough to get some cash so I could pay for things for the weekend and said they were sending a new card.

Am still waiting for said card. I'd go in person to pick it up, but the branch I'd have to go to is in West Philadelphia which is not exactly convenient for me. I'd change banks, but I am skeptical about our payroll office being competent enough to ensure my direct depost info will be changed.

Catch 22.

Meh. I have to go work now.


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